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Run your own EV charging network

Ionized provides you with an open charge station management system to run your own charging network

OCPP compliant

Fast & Secure

Everything you need to run your own charging network

Ionized is a fully OCPP compliant Charge Station Management System that supports any charge station with OCPP 1.6 or 2.0.1 support. Use our white label EV drivers app to offer your customers an easy online charging experience or build your own solution on top of our APIs. Offer online payments through our integration of Mollie and Stripe or issue your own charge cards. Full roaming support with 3th party eMSP's and CPO's opens your charging network to the world.


What We Offer

Ionized is a one stop shop to run your own (public) charging network for electric vehicles.

Charge station management

Keep track of your locations, charge stations, customers and charge cards and get detailed and realtime information about the status of your charging network. Any OCPP 1.6 or 2.0 compliant charge stations is supported

Online and card payments

Offer easy online payments for charging sessions with Mollie and Stripe and issue charge cards to your customers with integrated billing.


Have customers from different eMSP's charge at your charge stations through or roaming network. We handle the billing complexity and you get more customers to your charge stations.


Through our integration with data providers major navigation platforms and apps will receive realtime availability updates about your charge stations. EV drivers will be able to easily find your charge stations.

Build your own experience

Use our whitelabel driver app that can be styled in your own branding to provide your customers with the best charging experience possible in your own style. Want even more control? Build your own custom solution on top of our open APIs.

Set your own style

Build your own for even more control

Flexible pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of connected charging stations in a month. For Charge Point Operators that are just starting or see irregular use we offer a base package that is billed on the amount of kWh charged in a month. We charge a small fee per charge session on top of the monthly subscription.

All prices are per month and excluding any applicable VAT. Transaction costs do not include any payment fees incurred by the payment providers or your bank for (online) payments.


€ 0,03

per kWh charged per month

  • Unlimited charging stations

  • Unlimited charging

  • Unlimited customers

  • Unlimited charge cards

  • White label app + API access

  • €0,10 per transaction


€ 6,-

per charge station per month

  • Everything in starter, plus:

  • Unlimited kWh's

  • Daily updates to nav providers

  • Roaming on the Ionized Network

  • €0,03 per transaction


€ 8,-

per charge station per month

  • Everything in base, plus:

  • Realtime updates to nav providers

  • Roaming with 3th party eMSPs

  • €0,03 per transaction

  • €0,10 / 3th party roaming transaction


Accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation and start your charging network today

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